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This week RuPaul brought back The Snatch Game (my personal fave), where the queens had to do their best celebrity impersonations. The episode started with a game show style Q&A called “S–t RuPaul Says” that was won by Delta Work. She won a phone call home which she graciously gave to Shangela who was getting homesick for her grandmother.

Then came the lovely craziness of The Snatch Game featuring guest judges Amber Rose and Aisha Tyler. My favorites were Raja’s Tyra Banks, Stacy’s Monique and Alexis’ Alicia Keys (who were all also in the top three). I also loved Manila’s Imelda Marcos, she was hilarious.

Favorite Moment: I must admit I did tear up a little when Delta gave her phone call to Shangela. That was a nice sincere moment that showed it’s not all cat fights and drama when it comes to drag queens.

Runway Pick:I really thing RuPaul got it all wrong on the main stage this week. Mariah did not deserve to go home. She did flub the challenge but her runway outfit was fierce. I thought her look was the best. The rest of the girls’ looks (even Raja, I was not feeling that “We Are the World” ensemble) left me cold. And though I love my girl Stacy, and she definitely killed it in The Snatch Game her outfit was a mess. Personally, I thought Shangela and Yara should have been in the bottom two and Shangela should have went home. But I’m not sure who should have won the challenge instead of Stacy. No one really killed both the challenge and the runway this week.

My Top 3: Stacy, Manila, Raja

Untucked: Am I the only one loving the Raja versus Shangela and Delta versus Stacy showdown going on in Untucked? It’s juicy delicious right!? This new back story about Raja and Shangela is interesting. Bu I don’t think the competition is the reason for their falling out. I think it’s just Shangela’s hideous attitude. And Raja is right, the “I’m gon say it to yo face” routine is just an excuse to bring someone down so you can lift yourself up. And I’m LOVING the rise of Stacy and how its pissing the other girls off. I’ve been rooting for my girl Stacy from the beginning and its nice to see her really shine. I just hope the other girls take this as a lesson and finally begin to see that she really is a contender just the like the rest of them.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked specials online at!


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