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Friday’s episode of Oprah featured Italian transgender model Lea T. She’s the first ever transgender supermodel and is known for being the muse to famous Italian fashion designer Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci. It was an extremely interesting interview where Lea talks about growing up in Italy with a famous soccer star dad and how she suffered as a child. She also talks candidly about her fears going into her upcoming gender reassignment surgery.

However, right before Lea comes on Oprah shows a nude photo of Lea (from a recent Vogue spread) and the audience acts as if they’ve just seen a bloody crime seen with guts still oozing from the victim.

I love that Oprah decided to do this show and feature Lea, but I was very disturbed by the audience reaction. Would they have had this reaction after seeing Jennifer Aniston posing nude or Jude Law? No, of course not. I just think Oprah did a great disservice to the transgender community by showing the photo in the first place knowing who her audience is.

You can watch Lea’s intro video from the show here (it has the audience’s cringe-worthy reaction to the photo) and below is Lea’s interview with Oprah.


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