Your inside connection to all the LGBT-related news that matters in Ohio and beyond!

A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: Good Morning America has been featuring a series called “America’s Real Modern Family,” and a recent segment featured the Berman-Cotlars. Two gay moms, a gay dad, a daughter, a straight step-dad and twins. Doesn’t get any more modern than that!

In related GMA news, Lady Gaga appeared on the show Thursday wearing latex to talk about safe sex.

In related Lady Gaga news, her new single “Born This Way” breaks iTunes record as the fastest selling No. 1 single and is Billboard’s 1,000th No. 1.

Keeping with the talk show theme, Zach Wahls recently appeared on Ellen to talk about his powerful speech before Iowa’s legislature about his two gay moms.

Gay Bashing Report: Man pleads guilty to hate crime at NYC gay bar. Figures show 28% rise in London anti-gay hate attacks. Case in point: Gay attack in London triggers police appeal. Derogatory words written on Massachusetts gay man’s door. Numbers of Jamaican gays appealing for refuge in the U.S. rising. Ex-gay teenager admits to gruesomely murdering gay roommate on 911 call.

The Pentagon unveils more details about their Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal plan.

Desiree Shelton appeared on MSNBC to talk about the ordeal that transpired when she wanted to walk with her girlfriend at a high school royalty event she and her girlfriend were voted into.

Speaking of high school royalty, a Michigan high school broke the mold when they recently instituted a gender-neutral prom court.

Comedian Bryan Safi unsuccessfully shows a colleague How to Pick Up Straight Girls in Gay Bars.

Nashville’s mayor plans to sign a new bill that expands the definition of workplace discrimination to include gays and lesbians.

Photo of the Week: Valentine’s Day was pretty eventful this year with protests taking place all over the country and around the world to remind Americans that not all gays can celebrate their love equally. Here’s a video of one such protest where gay couples crashed a mass V-day wedding in San Antonio, Texas. And below is a photo from another protest in a popular area of Beijing.


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