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Glee-cap: ‘Comeback’

This week Bieber Fever unfortunately took over the Glee Club. Sam thinks tapping into the Power of the Biebs will somehow keep Quinn’s attention off Finn. He sings “Baby” and sends the Glee girls into a frenzy, then gets the other guys on board and they sing “Somebody to Love,” successfully getting the girls to fall for them again. Yay, everyone’s happy, now lets move to the good stuff.

Sue leaves a “Sue-icide” note in her office so Mr. Shu and Emma run off to save her. Fortunately she’s only taken a couple bottles of chewy vitamins so she’s fine. To help with Sue’s depression, Emma suggests she joins the Glee Club. To the reluctance of everyone, she does, and we find it was all apart of her elaborate plan to once again destroy Mr. Shu and the club. She sets her sights on pitting the divas (Rachel and Mercedes) against each other. But they sing an amazing rendition of Rent’s “Take Me or Leave Me,” during which their friendship is renewed.

The Finn-Quinn-Sam love triangle continues. Finn finally chooses Sam, but he finds out she kissed Finn behind his back so he breaks up with her for Santana. Sue finds happiness when she goes with Mr. Shu to sing for kids in the cancer ward at the local hospital, but then becomes herself again whens she decides to take a part-time job as the coach of the Glee Club’s competition Aural Intensity.

And that’s what you missed on…GLEE!

Fave moment: Sue just kept bringing the funny this week. “Will, you have more grease in your hair then the guy behind WikiLeaks.” “I gotta get that girl on my Cheerios.” (referring to Sam after he sings Bieber) “I agree with Sponge Hair Square Chin (referring to Mr. Shu), it’s a stupid idea.”  Too much!

Annoying moment: No Kurt!?! Blasphemy!

Fave quote: This week was probably the best written episode in a long time. Santana, Brittany and Sue were shooting out one-liners faster then I could quote them. However, this week’s winner is definitely Santana for her swipe at Sam.

Sam – “That was my James Earl Jones impression.” Santana – “First of all that is offensive, he killed Martin Luther King.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

Fave song: Mercedes and Rachel killed it on “Take Me or Leave Me!”

You can watch full episodes of Glee here.


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