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RuPaul Recap: ‘QNN News’

This week the girls sashayed right up my alley with witty spoofs of television morning news for the QNN challenge. Once again the queens were split into two teams to produce two videos. (Does anyone else think this setup is getting old?) The captains of each team were determined by winners of a wacky celebrity red carpet mini-challenge, won by Carmen and my girl Stacy. Shade was immediately thrown about Stacy’s team automatically going to loose because she was at the helm. Stacy did end up succumbing to the pressures of leadership and landed in the bottom two. But she out-lip-synced India, who was left with the short straw and sent packing.

Favorite Moment: “That’s so gay, but it’s so good!” Enough said.

Runway Pick: Raja definitely killed it with the Marie Antoinette look. (I was wondering what she was doing with all that makeup on her face during earlier parts of the show.) But I also thought Stacy looked the best she ever has on the runaway and gave a lot of those girls’ outfits a run for their money.

My Top 3: Raja, Manila and, yes, Shangela. Shangela pulled it out this week. Her performances in the video and on the runway were flawless. I liked all the accessories. I thought it perfectly complimented the intricate patterns in her dress.

Untucked: The “T” was diced and dished like no other on this week’s Untucked episode. Everybody was throwing shade, from Mariah to Manila to Shangela to the evil gossip twins that are Delta and Raja. As much as I can’t stand Raja’s mouth off the runway, what she said about Stacy was totally true. My girl is slippin’ and will more then likely be taking the plunge and end up being sent home next week. And as for Manila’s little controversy, I thought her character was hilarious. It was reminiscent of how they make fun of Asian reporters on Family Guy and how each station has that one token Asian reporter who’s always out in the field and never an anchor. I loved it. Not sure what the big deal was.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked specials online at!


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