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There’s a been a big hullabaloo over GOProud co-sponsoring this year’s CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), that’s been permeating the news lately.

For those unaware, GOProud is a gay conservative organization that’s somehow even more conservative then the controversial consortium of gays over at the Log Cabin Republicans. And CPAC is an annual ultra-conservative convention that’s held every year in Washington D.C. and is typically attended by and features seminars by famous religious bigots, radical Republicans, and the like.

I’m not exactly a fan of either organization. GOProud because they’re delusional. They’re against gay marriage and invite people like Ann Coulter to speak at they’re conventions and tell them how they shouldn’t be able to marry and why they shouldn’t be aloud to serve in the military. Something, I just don’t understand. And I have issues with CPAC for obvious reasons.

Like I said, this year’s CPAC is being c0-sponsored by GOProud this year. The big controversy hit the news when big time Republicans and anti-gay, conservative organizations (like The Family Research Council) started a boycott of the convention because a gay organization would be helping run it. The whole idea of gay Republicans confounds me, so I’m not even sure what to think about the ensuing controversy.

Here’s an interesting news segment on the boycotts featuring Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council and GOProud’s Chris Barron.

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