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Maryland is taking over the news cycle this week with the current marriage equality debate going through its legislature. The state’s Senate just heard six hours of testimony from citizens Feb. 9 before they are to vote on a pro-gay marriage bill. Analysts are saying there’s a 60 percent to 70 percent chance that it will indeed pass. And if it does it heads to a liberal House where the chances of it passing are also likely. Straight Marylanders are even getting in on support of the bill in a big way. Openly gay MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts interviews Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony Brown about the issue below:

A committee in the Hawaii House just passed a civil unions bill (11-2), now it’s headed to the full House for a vote. The bill already cleared the Senate with an 19-6 vote last month.

An anti-gay marriage bill just passed in the Indiana House with an 8-4 vote this week. The bill now heads to the full House for consideration. The bill faces a long road, but if passed it would add a gay marriage ban to the state’s constitution.

A committee in the Rhode Island House introduced a pro-gay marriage bill just today, co-sponsored by openly gay Democratic House Speaker Gordon Fox.

In related news…

Last week Utah‘s House introduced a bill that would give government-run assistance programs the legal permission to reject gay families. And this week a “second-parent adoption bill” that would include gay and lesbian pairs died in Utah’s Senate. (Utah law currently bans gay marriage and civil unions.)

A few months ago The Dallas Morning News refused to publish a gay couples wedding announcement after they were legally married elsewhere. However, the paper recently sent the couple a $1,000 bill for the unpublished announcement. A bill the couple is refusing to pay.

Straight, married supporters of marriage equality will be “un-married” in the UnMarriage Until Gay Marriage rally in NYC this Sunday (during Valentine’s Day weekend no less). The mass “un-wedding” is an annual protest held by Reverend Billy of the Bethesda Angel church and is in its second year.


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