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This week was more of the same as the queens had to, again, split into two teams to produce another video, but this time a workout video. (Side note: Is RuPaul trying to get rid of the big girls?!? First the trampoline and now a workout video? Something fishy is goin’ on behind the scenes, and I don’t mean the tuckage.) Carmen and Mariah teamed up and won the opening challenge of turning Duck Tape (how apropos) into a leotard, hence making them the team captains. During the video shoot Team Mariah brought the funny with Alexis, Stacy and Yara hilariously stealing the spotlight. Team Mariah however made the mistake of interpretating a drag version of Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” as an inspirational video and tried to be serious.

In the end, Mimi and India had to lip sync for their lives, during which Mimi pretty much ruined any chance she had of staying by nearly killing India when she picked her up during the performance and started swinging her around like a pinwheel! (I would’ve screamed too girl!) I’m actually glad Mimi is gone. I really liked her at the beginning, but she just kept making bad choices left and right.

Favorite Moment: I really enjoyed LaToya Jackson as a judge this week. The stuff she was saying as those girls hit the runway was hilarious. Please explain to me how Stacy looks like anybody in the Jackson family!?!

Runway Pick: It’s a tie between Raja and Manila. Always love Raja’s looks (she’s this year’s Tyra when it comes to fashion sense) and I loved Manila’s Cruella de Vil look, it was the perfect combination of class and camp.

My Top 3: Raja, Stacy and Manila. At this point it really is Raja’s competition to lose. Though I wasn’t feelin’ her attack on my girl Stacy (see below), she’s definitely my early pick to win this season.

Untucked: As you know I’m not a fan of Shangela, but I loved it when she took up for Stacy when Raja started tearing her apart. I really think that if Stacy could just get over her insecurity issues she could really blow this competition out of the park. She looked amazing on the runway this week and she continues to ace the challenges. That goes double for Delta Work. Come on big girls, let’s get it this year!

P.S. I was extremely offended by what Susan Powter said to Delta. It’s taken me a little while, but I am extremely O.K. with my big boned self, and to attack someone like that about their weight in front of everyone is extremely inappropriate. I’m really glad they took it out of the main show. It’s people like her that are sending the easting disorder statistics amongst young people through the roof. Just because you hated yourself when you were fat doesn’t mean every else has too. O.K., I’m getting off the soap box.

Missed the episode? You can catch full episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the Untucked specials online at!

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