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Love was in the air his week as Mr. Schuester assigned the Glee Club to sing love songs that described their “special someone.” Artie and Mike partnered on Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” for Brittany and Tina. Puck falls in love with new Gleek wrestler Lauren and tries to win her heart by singing “Fat Bottom Girl,” but only accomplishes insulting her.

The Sam-Quinn-Finn-Rachel love quadrangle is further explored. Finn opens a kissing booth to raise money for the club, which Sam forces Quinn to use so she can prove she doesn’t have feeling for him (not sure how that works), which leads to them kissing and falling for each other all over again, so they agree to date each other behind Sam’s back. This leads to them both getting mono (purposefully given to Finn by the spiteful Santana) and Quinn decides cheating isn’t a good idea.

Meanwhile at Dalton Academy, Blaine enlists the help of The Warblers to woo a Gap manager he has a crush on. The plan fails when they take over the store with a performance of “When I Get You Alone” and get the guy fired, who was too old for Blaine anyway. Kurt confesses his love for Blaine when the plan fails, but they decide to be friends instead.

At the encouraging of Mercedes, Rachel decides to be done with Finn (and all dating for that matter) officially and dedicate herself to her talent, prompting her to sing Katy Perry’s “Firework” to herself for the Glee Club assignment.

Fave moment: The funniest part of the episode was the Santana/Glee kids exchange about her being mean. I couldn’t stop laughing at all the recounted insults. And her crying in the hallway after over no one understanding her for helping people by being honest and telling everyone when she “thinks that they suck” was the icing on the cake. Santana is rapidly becoming my new favorite character.

Annoying moment: They are really milking this Kurt/Blaine romantic tension for all its worth. They’re pulling a When Harry Met Sally? Really!?! This definitely puts the kibosh on any hopes of a real relationship between the two any time soon. Hopefully the “don’t they end up together in the end” statement means there’s still a chance. Personally I think they need to introduce a second love interest for Kurt and create a tense love triangle. Blaine and Kurt are getting more boring with each episode. Let’s spice things up a bit Glee writers.

Fave quote: Tina – “Five minutes ago you said Mr. Schu belonged in a 12-step program.” Mr. Shu – “Wait, what?” Santana – “You’re addicted to vests.”

Fave song: When Puck and the guys started singing the harmonies for the beginning of “Fat Bottom Girls,” that was the moment I fell in love with this lackluster episode.

You can watch full episodes of Glee here.


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