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A quick roundup of this week’s gay happenings…

Video of the Week: Earlier this week I posted a video of 19-year-old Zach Wahls, who gave a tear-jerking speech before the Iowa House about being raised by his two moms. This week Iowa’s House passed a bill (62-37) to have gay marriage put to a vote in an upcoming election. Which, like California, could possibly reverse a unanimous decision last year by the Iowa Sup. Ct. to legalize gay marriage. The video has pretty much gone viral, making Wahls a famous gay rights activist overnight.

Wahls and his family appeared on MSNBC’s Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell yesterday to discuss the viral reaction to Wahls’ amazing speech. The good news, according to Zach, is that the bill will more than likely not eve make it before Iowa’s Senate.

In related teens protesting news, two friends take an interesting approach to protesting a religious zealot.

More gay marriage news: Rhode Island will be the next state to debate taking the issue to the people. And in New Mexico four bills were introduced that could restrict gay marriage in the state and the state’s recognition of gay marriages done elsewhere.

Wyoming introduced a bill into the House that sought to end sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, but the House wasn’t going for it. (Not a surprise since Wyoming’s congress is also looking to pass anti-gay marriage legislation.)

Progress: A teenage lesbian couple in Minnesota also became a viral sensation when they walked in their Homecoming royalty court this week. Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton initially sued the school when they wouldn’t let them walk together. The school feared the students would be the target of ridicule and abuse, but relented when the suit was filed. But when Lindstrom and Shelton walked out on the school’s basketball court they were met with cheers.

More gay bashing grips Toronto’s Gay Village.

There’s apparently some big game this weekend. For those (like me) who know nothing about sports, offers Super Bowl XLV for the Clueless. And offers further help with Dudes-n-Broas Talking Points.

This year’s GLAAD Media Award nominees were recently announced (featuring movies that I’ve actually seen). But the news that’s slightly overshadowing the nominated is the fact that a certain drag queen reality show was snubbed. Apparently RuPaul is livid about the omission.

Ricky Martin released his first album since coming out, Musica+Alma+Sexo, on Tuesday and has been showing up in the press all week to promote the CD. Here he is on The View and for those interested, you can listen to the full album here.

Are we ready for a gay president? It may be closer than you think.

Do yourself a favor and check out Trevor Space, I’m From Driftwood and’s weekly Prop 8 trail updates (featuring cute nerd Matt Baume). Three amazing sites that kept me intrigued for hours.

Rihanna‘s new video for her single “S&M” features Perez Hilton gagged and in a leash.

Loving this blogger’s Gay History Video Project, featuring young people interviewing senior gays about their struggles during the early parts of the gay rights movement.

This week the new Oprah Winfrey Network’s Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes featured a scene where Oprah discusses censoring her statement “you seem gayer now,” that was directed at Jonathan Plummer (Terry McMillan‘s gay ex-husband) during her “where are they now” episode a few months back.

The blogosphere has been abuzz over this new J. Edger Hoover biopic that was written by Dustin Lance Black (Milk), is to be directed by Clint Eastwood, and will star Leonardo DiCaprio as Hoover. There were reports that Eastwood is planning to “de-gay” Black’s script. (It’s been widely speculated by many historians that Hoover was a closeted homosexual and cross dresser. The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer has signed on to play Hoover’s best friend and supposed lover Clyde Tolson.) But Black has come out in defense of Eastwood saying his statement was taken out of context.

Scottish world record cyclist Graeme Obree becomes the second UK athlete to come out in the last year. (Rugby star Gareth Thomas caused a huge ruckus last year when he became the first professional athlete to come out before retiring.) It’s your turn America!

Apparently being a “flaming homosexual” can come in handy, if you’re an immigrant looking for asylum in the states.

A while ago the director of the Smithsonian censored an LGBT exhibit after complaints from patrons, and then the controversy erupted in the media. For those wondering, here’s the end result.

Reese Rideout (the straight gay porn star featured in last week’s Queer Corner Quickie) is now offering lessons on how to be a stripper. (Is this dude sure he’s straight?)

Photo of the Week: This site counts down the past year’s films with the best gratuitous male nudity. Cam Gigandet placed at No. 10 for his scene in Burlesque co-starring Christian Aguilera and a well-placed box of Famous Amos cookies. (The best part of the movie in my opinion, lol.)

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