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There’s some good and bad news on the gay marriage fight that recently hit the presses this week…

First the good news. Monday Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill legalizing civil unions in the state. According to The Chicago Sun-Times, the new law will give same-sex partners “650 spousal benefits and protections.” The Illinois Constitution still considers marriage between one man and one woman, but this law gaurantes gay couples will have the exact same rights as married couples. You can watch the historic signing here.

Colorado’s Congress will soon be discussing a civil unions bill and in preparation marriage equality group One Colorado held a press conference to announce the creation of The Voices for Strong Families Coalition. It’s a group composed of various lobbyist groups and civil rights organizations who are pulling together to make sure this bill is passed. You can watch video from the press conference here.

Now the bad news. I reported last week that Wyoming has two anti-gay bills going through their legislature. The democratic Congressmen in Wyoming tried to introduce a bill that would at least allow civil unions or domestic partnerships if the other two bills get passed, however it didn’t even make it out of a House sub-committee. And the governor has even come out and said he supports the bill and will sign it if it’s passed. If he does, the issue will then go to the voters, and we all know how that turned out for California.

Iowa also has a pretty devastating anti-gay marriage law heading through their legislature. The bill not only prohibits gay marriage, but also civil union and domestic partnerships. Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is also refusing to go on record as saying whether that type of language in the bill goes to far, he just thinks Iowans deserve the right to vote on the issue.

In related news…

Florida House Speak Dean Cannon recently told religious publication Florida Baptist Witness he thinks that newly sworn Gov. Rick Scott should have the state’s Department of Children and Families not follow the Florida Supreme Courts decision last year to lift the ban on gay adoption. The department should basically break the law and continue to ban gays from adopting anyway. Gov. Scott announced a couple weeks ago that he doesn’t plan to try and revive the ban.

Though very pro-gay on many issues, the Obama Administration had remained fairly mum about gay marriage. (Press Secretary Robert Gibbs again dodged questions on gay marriage at a press conference Monday.) They may have to start taking a stand one way or the other because of some high profile cases that are making their way towards the Supreme Court.


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