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GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is demanding action from NBC (now owned by Comcast) concerning a Saturday Night Live skit they found offensive.

The skit in question was called “Estro-Maxxx” and was a faux-commercial about estrogen for transgender women. Male casts members with beards dressed in dresses for comedic relief. The main gag of the joke was that this new drug could turn you into a woman faster. GLAAD wants a public apology from the network and wants all video of the skit removed from the internet and future broadcasting.

I personally thought the skit was kind of funny. I thought the skit was making fun of prescription drugs in general that are typically marketed as the quick-fixes for anything. I also thought they were playing off the fact that many think the transition process for a transgender individual means have a simple surgery and taking a few pills. When the reality of the situation is much more complicated. I don’t think they were trying to make fun of all transgender women or put down an entire community.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself. Is GLAAD justified in taking SNL to task?


Comments on: "Funny or Infuriating? – SNL Estro-Maxxx skit" (5)

  1. I also think the skit wasn’t out of line. If anything, it was a knock on straight people who aren’t aware of the process and are quick to judge it as “simple”. Plus, it’s a knock on our society that we have to get everything done quickly and effortlessly.

    It was all in good fun though, no need to be offended

  2. As a transgender woman, I appreciate being told not to be offended by this. As a member of the offended minority, I clearly have the least understanding of the impact that “humor” like this has on transgender people.

    Humor like this is constantly used in conjunction with harassment and other forms of cultural oppression, such as when we are refused employment, are brutally attacked for using the “wrong restroom”, or are forced to become homeless due to our families disowning us. If you think that this sort of humor isn’t used to attack us, just ask a few trans people how often we hear the words of characters played by Jim Carrey or Mike Myers.

    The most troublesome part of this sketch is the fact that the “transgender women” in the sketch are portrayed as bearded men wearing women’s clothing, and that this is something funny to laugh at. This portrayal is about as far from reality as you can get, but it feeds into the image that the mainstream has about transgender people. It contributes to the notion that transgender people are nothing more than a joke.

    As I said elsewhere… when I’ve seen two transgender friends of mine attempt suicide in the last month in part because of “humor” like this, I, and many other transgender people, aren’t laughing.

  3. @Pandora: As a black gay man who has friends and family who are transgender, I’m am familiar with such struggles, but I think the controversial backlash over this skit is giving the SNL creators to much credit. i don’t think something like this leads to brutality of the transgender community. that’s just giving the brutalizers a cop out. The sketch was simply making fun of people’s perceptions of the transgender community not the community itself. Just as when they feature the overly campy, overly sexualized Stefon character, I’m not offended as a gay man because they’re making fun of a perception not a community. I think it’s time the lgbt community stops going after the “jokes” that supposedly cause lgbt bashing and go after the bashers themselves. This is no disrespect to you, I personally think transgender men and women are the bravest people in the world. I just think this controversy is a case of misplaced aggression.

  4. This gay guy thought it was funny.

  5. I was deeply hurt by this skit. I try very hard to be a forgiving, loving, empathetic person. I have dedicated my entire life to helping others in the field of nursing. I have two wonderful children and a loving and supportive spouse. I spent 28 years in the military providing medical care in peace and during 6 deployments starting as a medic in the infantry during the early 80’s. After giving so much, all I ask in return is to live peacefully among my nieghbors without ridicule for something I have no control over. This video was very triggering to me. I am an older transitioner and worry that I won’t pass. I spent the night crying instead of laughing as I had planned. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been to the brink over stupid things like this. I hate censorship, but I don’t have to censor myself either. The writers at SNL are uncaring asses.

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