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Kaboom is a new film directed by Gregg Araki about a group of college students on the road to discovering their sexual identities. The movie stars Thomas Dekker (Heroes, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as a young man who considers his sexuality “undeclared,” much like his major. The film is a sort of trippy, sci-fi, teen-angsty version of Twin Peaks, where Araki has said he got his original inspiration for the film. The main character has a disturbing dream, the details of which begin to seep into his real life. He and his friends go on a quest to discover if some mystical is afoot of if it’s all the after effects of ingesting some LSD-laced cookies.

Kaboom was released last year in France and has made a splash several major festivals, including last year’s Cannes Film Festivals and most recently the Sundance Film Festival. A public release in scheduled for Jan. 28 in Manhattan.

Araki is also the director of Mysterious Skin, one of my favorite queer films starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so I am definitely looking forward to getting a chance to look at some of his more recent work. Also some are saying this is probably the first leading bisexual character in a film since Colin Farrell’s character in A Home at the End of the World, making it a significant endeavor as well.

Check out the film’s trailer below:


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