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As promised Defense Secretary Robert Gates discussed the military’s first steps in the process to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell at a press conference Friday. He said he’s ordered the military’s top leaders to have a full plan for implementing the repeal on his desk by Feb. 4. The military’s top brass will have to go through training and it’s being reported that the policy should be completed repealed across the entire military by the end of the year.

Some of the finer details include making sure units leaders understand that they are not aloud to segregate the bedrooms or showering quarters once DADT is repealed and putting a halt to leaders searching out service members sexualities for discharge.

Various court cases are pending concerning DADT, the government of which are asking to have postponed until the Pentagon finishes implementing the repeal. The judges on one such case now at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco is refusing to put a hold on the lawsuit. The defense agrees for the simple fact that the repeal won’t allow gays and lesbians equal rights when it comes to partners pension and partners will not be able to live in housing on military bases reserved for married couples.

UPDATE (1/31):

The Commandant of the Marine Corps made this video promising their going to work to end DADT rapidly.


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