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It looks like Fox’s Glee isn’t just inspiring love and acceptance amongst its viewers, but also giving them ideas for gay bashing techniques. Toronto’s gay village is being terrorized by a series of attacks by local teens who are slushing gays in the area, much like the way bullies taunt the teens in the glee club on Glee. The attacks have escalated recently to include snowballs and large pieces of ice.

Here’s what the Toronto Star says about the attacks:

The principal of Jarvis Collegiate Institute said allegations that students are hurling slushies, shoes and homophobic slurs at residents of the Gay Village are being “treated very seriously.”

However, Enza Anderson, who has been harassed in the past, called the students “teens of terror” and has organized a public meeting to discuss what she describes as homophobia in the community after a recent attack.

Paul Winsor, a local florist, was singled out by a group of about 12 students who soaked him with two frozen beverages last Monday.

The 49-year-old narrowly dodged an airborne chunk of ice as he chased the teens before they ducked into the school at Jarvis and Wellesley Sts.

“A slushie drink is one thing — it stains your clothes and hurts your pride — but when it escalates to chunks of ice, that’s dangerous,” he said.

The “slushie facial” is a popular form of bullying on the musical TV series Glee. Winsor is relieved the frozen Coke beverages missed his face, but his red Canada goose coat was soaked. Winsor ran into a friend a few minutes after the slushie attack who’d been targeted with ice and been called ‘faggot.’

Police increased patrols in the area after a crossing guard was also targeted by students. School principal Elizabeth Addo said she’s working with police in their investigation.


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